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Meet Our Team

Our team of dental professionals have the right skills and experience to attend to every patient’s dental care needs. We make sure that they listen to every patient’s concerns and communicate with them well so that they can have a better understanding of the patient’s dental needs and be able to act accordingly.

After all, our patients’ well-being and comfort will always be at the highest of our priorities. Our dental practice also employs staff members who are friendly and are trained to accommodate patients needs and provide them with quality service and assistance.

Dr. Harjeet Singh Jabbal
General Dentist Dr. Harjeet Singh Jabbal ( Dr. Harjeet) is a general dental surgeon and is passionate about all the aspects of general dentistry. He did his BDS course at Desh Bhagat Dental College and got his degree of bachelor of dental surgery(BDS) from Baba Farid University Of Health Sciences, Faridkot Punjab. He practised dentistry for more than 9 years in his own dental office in India. He is the third generation dentist in his family.

Dr. Harjeet move to Canada was a decision backed by his interest in further education in the dental field. With his hard work and dedication he passed the Equivalency examination from National Dental Examination Board of Canada , he attained his dental practice license from Alberta Dental Association & College (ADA&C) in 2019. Since then, he has been serving the Canadian community in Martindale Smiles.

Dr. Harjeet possesses a warm and friendly “chair-side” manner, and it is his inborn warmth, patience and sincerity that make the difference in his care with all ages patients. He listen to his patients all concerns and will address each of them in his treatment as he cares about patients through spending time with them, and acting as a consultant or advisor for their dental health.

Dr. Harjeet is performing all sorts of general dentistry treatments and readily attend emergencies that need immediate treatments. He is an Invisalign certified dentist. He believes in continue education courses to provide best care for his patients and there families.

He loves nature . He has two beautiful kids and love to spend time with his family. He believes that “Family is the most beautiful gift to human beings by God, and we must cherish our relationships by expressing our want and love for them”.

Dr. Sukhjinder Singh
General Dentist Dr. Sukhjinder Singh, at Martindale Smiles graduated from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Agra, in India. Then, he moved to Canada to follow his dream of pursuing his career as a dentist in this beautiful country. Dr. Singh challenged the exams and succeeded to achieve the Certified National Dental Examination Board of Canada. He got himself registered with Alberta Dental Association in Oct 2019 and joined Martindale Smiles recently.

Dr. Singh loves what he does every day and values exceptional clinical care and takes pride in providing each of his patients with personalized attention to treatment. He is committed to help patients achieve improvement in both oral and overall health and does so by keeping himself updated by regularly attending National Continuing Education courses.

Outside clinic, Dr. Singh loves spending time with his family and playing with his 2 beautiful boys.

Dr. Hitasha Bahal
General Dentist

I have successfully completed my Bachelor’s of Dental Surgery from North Gujarat university, India in 2013. I have over 5 years of experience performing a wide range of general dentistry treatments and handling various dental emergencies.

In 2018, I moved to Canada with a dream to continue with my career aspiration in the field of dentistry. While working as a dental assistant in multiple clinics I successfully completed the equivalency process of the National Dental Examination board of Canada in 2022.

I’m passionate about providing exceptional clinical care and strongly believe in building long term relationships with my patients by helping them taking informed decisions about their oral health.

I strongly believe in upgrading myself through continued education courses and be on the top of newest techniques and technologies. When I’m not busy working on my passion for dentistry- I love to spend time with my family, enjoy exploring different places & cuisines and listening music.

Limson Seemon
Denturist Limson is a licensed denturist in Alberta who is highly trained and skilled to provide advanced and precision dentures for his clients.

He was a dentist and specialized in replacing lost/ missing teeth graduated in 2003 from the Government Dental College Hospital, Madras, India and was working many years in India and Qatar before moving to Canada.

As a well-qualified specialist, he successfully challenged the College of Alberta Denturists licensing exam and joined Martindale Smiles dental practice as a Denture specialist.

He speaks many languages and is a good listener. He believes in denture treatment and wearing experience – a truly enjoyable one.

Dr. Harsh Bhatt
Dentist Dr. Bhatt earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of British Columbia. During his time at UBC he volunteered with the UBC Cancer Association as well as the Canadian Red Cross Foundation. He enjoys working with patients of all ages and provides family oriented dental care. Dr. Bhatt offers nitrous sedation as an option for his patients. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, reading, watching football and gaming.


Dr. Katayoon Shojaei

Dr. Katayoon Shojaei, known as Dr. Kathy at Martindale Smiles, graduated from Shiraz University in Iran. She practiced dentistry for almost six years in Iran before moving to Canada. She obtained the Certificate from the National Dental Examination Board of Canada with her hard work and dedication.

She got registered as a general dentist with Alberta Dental Association and College in 2018, and since then, she has been serving the Canadian community in Calgary at Martindale Smiles.

She performs general dentistry, specifically Root Canals, extraction, and Pediatrics. Her goals are to care for the patient’s concerns and make dental appointments a comfortable and pleasant experience for adults and children.

She likes to travel and loves to spend time with her kids in her spare time.

Dr. Nidhi Patel
Dentist Born and raised in India, Dr. Nidhi Patel successfully completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Karnavati School of Dentistry in India in 2012 before starting her journey in Canada. She moved to Canada in 2016 to follow her dream of pursuing her career as a dentist in this beautiful country. She finished her Dental equivalency with the National Dental Examination Board of Canada and registered with Alberta Dental Association & college. Dr. Nidhi Patel enjoys all aspects of general dentistry. Dr. Nidhi Patel is committed to helping patients to achieve improvement in both oral and overall health and does so by keeping her updated by regularly attending continuing education courses. Outside the clinic, She loves travelling and spending time with her family and friends.

Dr. Priya Bansal

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We have created a dental office that is non-threatening and non-intimidating in order to offer our patients a sense of security, comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind every time they step into our premises. We also wanted to alleviate dental anxiety as much as we can by creating an ambiance that is soothing and comforting.

Aside from the whole design aspect, our dental practice also offers modern dental technology that will help make your treatment quicker and more convenient. We are fully equipped with the dental appliances needed to conduct proper dental treatments and services.

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