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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is needed when you want to save and repair a tooth that is badly decayed or damaged. Root canal therapy can also save an infected tooth from extraction. If an infected tooth is not saved or repaired, it can lead to tooth loss and can even result in serious general health complications. The purpose of a root canal therapy is to clean out the nerve chamber of the tooth and destroy or get rid of the bacteria that is causing the problem.

Symptoms of An Infected Tooth

  • Extreme tooth sensitivity
  • A high degree of tooth pain
  • You have problems with chewing
  • An abscess in the area of the tooth
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Discolouration of Tooth
  • Gums feel tender

Root Canal Treatment

  1. The infected pulp inside the tooth is removed
  2. The root canal is cleaned and shaped
  3. Space is placed with a filling and is properly sealed
  4. The tooth is restored by placing a crown to protect it
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